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About TPA



Mission Statement – Why we exist

We will develop young adults who are self-directed, problems solving, lifelong learner.  All students can reach their potential when they take personal ownership and responsibility of their learning.


Vision Statement – What we want to become

We will prepare students to become contributing members of society through innovative tech-based learning and community service that enhances social perceptiveness.  Students will reflect on their learning and then teach their valuable understandings and insight to others. 


  Learner Outcomes


Service:  Apply the lessons learned in school within your community and internalize how your efforts have an impact

                in the world around you; be resourceful and flexible. 


Ownership:  Be accountable for your words, action and attitudes.  Self-evaluate, be thoughtful and demonstrate

                      integrity by upholding commitments made. 


Achievement:  Continuously strive for excellence, be self-motivated and achieve high quality work. 


Respect:  Demonstrate tolerance, courtesy and compassion for others