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College Courses

Want to take college classes?


Concurrent enrollment allows students to be enrolled in high school and community college. If you are a strong student and want to challenge yourself, concurrent enrollment may be ideal for you. There are specific rules to which all students must adhere.


The process for enrollment is as follows: 

1. Meet with counselor to obtain approval and concurrent enrollment forms

2. Submit a community college application online

3. Complete in-person or online orientation 

4. Take Math and English assessment at the community college 

5. Register for classes online by login in to the college student information system or in person by submit concurrent enrollment forms to the Admissions and Records Office at the college.

6. NOTE: There will be a hold placed on the student's records if the concurrent enrollment form is not submitted prior to the start of the course to the Admissions and Records Office (with original signatures).

7. If the class if full, you will need to attend the first session of the class and request an add permit from the instructor. The add permit must be submitted to Admissions and Records. (IT IS THE STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO TURN THIS IN.)

8. The student's parents WILL NOT receive any information from the community college; even if the student gives their parent permission.  The student's information IS CONFIDENTIAL.


Here are some benefits of taking college classes while you're still in high school:

1. An excellent way to get ahead and complete some courses before going to college. 


2. Great way to show colleges that you're ready for college work.


3.  It helps you be competitive in the college admissions process. 


4. Great opportunity to see what college courses are like and to try out a course in the major you are planning on entering. 


5. Some college courses will count for college credit and high school credit. Submit an official college transcript to counselor once the course is completed, and it will be added to your transcript. 


Before choosing a college class, be sure to speak to your counselor. 



Remember! These are real college courses, and you are establishing your college transcript. If you do well in the course, that good grade will go with you to college. However, if you do badly, that bad grade will also go with you to college. So be sure you are ready to put the time in to being successful in the course. 


If you decide to DROP THE COURSE, you MUST make sure you formally drop it with the college. Don’t just stop going to class, or you will end up with a ‘Fail’ and it will show up when applying to college!